Why Our Practice Takes All Insurances, Including Medicare and Medicaid

Posted By: on May 15, 2015
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Editor’s note: This is a transcript of an interview with Kim Sharpe of Community Checkup on KRFC. The audio is available here.

Kim Sharpe: This is Kim Sharpe and you’re tuned in to Community Check-up—a five minute spotlight featuring programs and services in our community for children, youth and families.

Today we’re joined by Carl Nassar. Carl is the director of Heart Centered Counseling. Welcome Carl.

Carl Nassar: Yeah, thank you. Glad to be here.

Kim Sharpe: So Carl, tell us about Heart Centered Counseling and what makes your practice unique?

Carl Nassar: Absolutely. So, Heart Centered Counseling was originally the name of my private practice that I had for 15 years here in town. And about 2 years ago, I realized we had a bit of an issue here in town with mental health. And so a group of therapists and I decided we were going to try to resolve that issue together.

So what we did was we got together and we said “You know, here’s a dilemma that many people face: If you’re looking for a therapist, in the old days you’d pull out the yellow pages. These days you go on Google. And you take a look and you make a few calls, and what you’re hoping for is that you’ll find somebody who had some time available when you’re available, takes your insurance, has the right area of experience in what you need help with.

And it could even be troubling task, because some people had almost given up on getting care because they just couldn’t find that right person.

So what we did, we came together as a group and we made this promise. That we were going to offer immediate availability that people will get in right away if they needed to. And we’re going to take every insurance that we can. We take all the insurances. That we’re going to have people here with all the areas of expertise. And we we’re going to offer experienced care.

Kim Sharpe: So do you take Medicaid as well?

Carl Nassar: We do. We take both government insurances. We take both Medicaid and Medicare, as well as all the private insurances from the Blue Cross Blue Shield, United, and so on…

Kim Sharpe: And what kind of issues do you focus on?

Carl Nassar: Well, one of the things we try to do is to try to make sure that we have a diverse group of people in our practice so that we had folks that work with children, folks that work with adults, folks that work with the elderly, folks that work with couples and families. We try to make sure that if you call, we’ve got someone on staff who’s really well trained, whatever issue you may have is.

Kim Sharpe: How many therapists do you have?

Carl Nassar: So currently, there are 11 of us, including myself, and we’re in the process of growing.

Kim Sharpe: How many locations do you have?

Carl Nassar: We have 3 spots. We have a spot in Old Town, in 109 West Olive Kim Sharpe: in Fort Collins… Carl Nassar: in Fort Collins… Thank you. We have a spot in Newtown near Harmony and College, actually 109 Coronado. Probably we like the number 109. And we also have a spot in Greeley, 1919 65th Avenue.

Kim Sharpe: And I believe I heard you say that you have therapists that treat everyone from children on up.

Carl Nassar: Right, so we had, we have folks who do play therapy all the way up. And we, from an issue standpoint, we carry the more severe issues, from eating disorders to the social disorders down to the acute and chronic anxiety and depression.

Kim Sharpe: And what about substance abuse, do you deal with those kinds of issues?

Carl Nassar: We do. We do got some CAC certified folks on staff as well.

Kim Sharpe: Okay. Well, how can people get more information because it sounds like just what you described that having immediate availability and accepting all the insurances including Medicaid and Medicare would be very valuable for people to know about?

Carl Nassar: Thank you. There’s lots of different ways to reach us. We try to be as accessible as we can. Certainly go online at heartcenteredcounselors.com or carlscounseling.com. Those are our two websites. Or you can call us directly at . . . can I give the number? Would that be okay? Kim Sharpe: Absolutely! Carl Nassar: At 970… I almost gave out my cell phone number… -970-498-0709.

Kim Sharpe: Great. Well Carl, thank you so much for being here with us and I appreciate your time.

Carl Nassar: You bet, thanks for having me.

Kim Sharpe: Programming on KRFC is supported by our members and by the University of Colorado Health. Information at 970-495-7500 or online at uchealth.org. Stay tuned for the next Community Check-up which airs every Thursday at 5:55 pm. I’m your host, Kim Sharpe and you’re listening to KRFC Fort Collins.

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