Why Introverts Are More Likely To Suffer From Depression

Posted By: on June 25, 2020
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While it’s true that depression can affect any one of us, at any given time, introverts tend to be more susceptible to it than others, and this can be a direct result of their natural sensitivity. Difficult relationships, a lack of work/life balance and general feelings of dissatisfaction with themselves may be problems that introverts face; sometimes making life extremely challenging for them and inducing feelings of depression. Day dreaming and a deep connection with their innermost thoughts and feelings are two other factors that may contribute to the development of depression among introverts, along with sensitivity and moments of disillusionment.

Could introverts have an advantage when it comes to depression?

That said, many experts believe that introverts have a distinct advantage when it comes to finding out that they are suffering from depression, compared to the average person, since they are far more likely to recognize the symptoms during their more frequent personal assessments. Once the symptoms have been recognized, introverts are far more likely to understand that they might need help, and depending upon their personal circumstances, more likely to seek help from a mental health professional.

Experts also believe that their chances of making a full recovery may be higher, simply because they’re so in tune with themselves and have such a deep understanding of the way their minds work in response to certain triggers. However, the very nature of an introvert’s personality may also discourage them from seeking help, and make them feel as if they will never get better; for some, they can quickly begin to feel alone (and even helpless).

What can you do if you’re an introvert suffering from depression?

In most cases, introverts have such a profound understanding of their own personalities and the ways in which their minds work, that they are better equipped to deal with depression than they may initially realize. Talking about depression may not feel natural to an introvert, but it can undoubtedly be helpful, and so the question becomes more about who they should talk to.

If you’re an introvert and are struggling to find ways in which to heal yourself, then you should seek professional help at the earliest. In doing so, your therapist or counselor will help you find the best way of dealing with your illness and managing your symptoms. Depression doesn’t have to be your story, and the fact that you’re an introvert doesn’t mean that your story can’t have a happy, healthy ending.

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