Why Do People Go to Therapy?

Posted By: on February 06, 2019
family coping with change

There are many reasons people choose to see a therapist.

Therapy strengthens relationships. Therapy provides solutions that help individuals, couples, and families overcome challenges. Therapy makes you a better communicator. Therapy helps you take responsibility for your actions as they affect not only your life but the lives of the people you’re closest to.

In therapy, conversations take place in a safe setting, free from judgment and under the care of a licensed counselor trained to help you grow and develop better coping skills when dealing with stressful situations. People go to therapy when they feel that their quality of life and relationships are suffering and they’re ready to make the changes necessary to deal with their problems head-on so they can get on with their lives.

Some of the many reasons why people go to therapy include:

  • They’re experiencing problems with their romantic partners and want to save the relationship rather than end it.
  • They have unresolved trauma that they’re ready to overcome.
  • They suffer from an addictive personality and have found that their addiction is interfering with their life. They need different coping mechanisms than the ones they currently have which are compromising their health, putting them in danger, ruining their relationships, and preventing them from showing up in society as happy, healthy people.
  • They’ve been diagnosed as depressed or anxious by their doctor and therapy is one of the treatment options that was recommended.

If you think therapy is the right option for you, Heart-Centered Counseling can help. Setting up an initial consultation gives you the opportunity to explore individual, couples or group counseling and our counselors to see if you’ll benefit from the experience. Call (970) 498-0709 or email help@heartcenteredcounselors.com for more information and to set up your first appointment.

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