Why Do Our Mental Health Recovery’s Sometimes Break Down?

Posted By: on June 12, 2020
man having a mental breakdown

Recovering from a mental health struggle can sometimes be a slow process, and for some individuals, it can last a long time. While the journey is different for everyone, many will have experienced a breakdown at some stage in their recovery/healing journey, and often the reasons are the same:

Your physical needs may not be being met:

Having compassion for yourself is a wonderful thing and learning to understand what your body needs at any given time is equally as powerful. It’s vital that you do your best to take care of your physical wellbeing, to give yourself the best chance of recovering from your mental illness, and if you begin to neglect this, the consequences can be challenging.

Something may have triggered it:

Even if you can’t seem to find a connection between a major event and your breakdown, something small and seemingly insignificant could have caused it, so try to map out what happened to you before it began and see if there may have been a trigger.

You’re keeping yourself too busy:

There is immense pressure on us all these days, to be busy, active and doing something productive every second of every day. However, when we give in to those pressures, or believe that if we’re busy we won’t have the time to feel ill, we often begin to neglect our emotional state. Not giving yourself the time to deal with and understand your emotions, can be a recipe for disaster, and before you know it, you’re in the middle of an emotional struggle.

You’re not busy enough:

While being constantly busy can certainly have negative consequences for someone recovering from a mental illness, not being busy enough can (ironically) have the same effect, too. As with much of life, it’s all about achieving a balance. If you don’t have enough to keep you occupied, then your mind can go into overdrive and you can begin dwell on certain issues that risk you having a breakdown.

You’re lonely:

You might not always feel like being around people, but be careful not to isolate yourself completely, as this can have consequences for your mental health. 

What should you do if you experience a breakdown during your recovery process?

Facing what you’re experiencing is perhaps the single best piece of advice any expert will give you, as denying what’s happening will simply mean that you don’t get the help you need to overcome it. If you have someone that you trust enough to talk to about how you’re feeling, then do this at the earliest opportunity, if you don’t, then make an appointment to see a counselor who can work to help you before things get any worse.

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