When Should I Go to Marriage Counseling and When Do I Need Individual Counseling?

Posted By: on October 02, 2018
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Counseling services vary in approach. Couples counseling or marriage counseling is a service that couples use to deal with issues that could potentially damage their relationship. Because couples counseling addresses the couple and the relationship in question, it doesn’t necessarily focus on the individual.

Individual counseling is an entirely different type of counseling that complements couples counseling by helping one person understand their role in the marital issues.

When Should I Seek a Marriage Counselor?

You should go to marriage counseling if you’ve stopped communicating with one another. Either you don’t speak or aren’t being listened to. If you experience anger or alienation as a result of expressing your feelings, working with a professional to develop healthy boundaries and new communication styles is essential.

Other causes for alarm include keeping secrets, hiding finances from your spouse, living an alternative lifestyle, and changes in the level of intimacy that you experience as a couple. If you feel unheard, undervalued, or misunderstood but want to fight for your relationship, marriage counseling can help. It, of course, complements individual therapy which focuses on one member and their role in the relationship that they’re currently in.

When Do I Need an Individual Counselor?

Individual counseling helps you resolve issues that you haven’t gotten closure from. It allows you to take an internal inventory of life skills such as communication which helps you be a better spouse and partner. If you feel as though you’ve got problems that need resolution – problems that are harming your relationships – seeking individual counseling along with marriage counseling is recommended.

Heart-Centered Counseling offers individual and couples counseling to patients seeking a greater understanding of their behaviors and how they contribute to the state of their marriage and other close relationships. Contact us at any time to set up your free initial consultation. We offer in-person appointments as well as tele-health options via the Internet. Let us know what you’re hoping for, and we’ll explain how our services can benefit you.

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