What We Provide for Therapists Who Join Our Group Practice

Posted By: on October 30, 2015

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The model we’re creating at Heart-Centered Counseling is centered around our goal of providing caring, immediate help to people in need.

But in addition, the group model allows us to build a supportive, caring network of support for our therapists, in addition to our clients. Here are three things we provide for our therapists:

1. Training Program

As a certified integrative psychotherapy teacher and trainer, I have developed a four-year training program in Integrative Psychotherapy which leads to certification by the IIPA as a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist.

These certifications represent a European training standard that allows individuals to practice across the European continent, should they wish to do so. The training expands the theoretical basis for treatment, supports case consolation, and bonds us together as a group.

2. A New Model for Care

Through our training, we support our therapists’ use of evidence-based, short-term therapy to help clients get relief from the immediacy of their crisis. But, we believe this is just the beginning of the psychotherapeutic process.

During those initial sessions, we offer symptom relief and self-management techniques, but we also seek to build rapport with each client. We hope that this rapport transitions naturally into a qualitatively-based longer term therapy where we can uproot underlying traumas and injuries that led to dysregulated emotions and destructive relationships.

We like to say that, “We’d rather see the client for 6 months than have them come back every 6 months.”

3. A Process for Group Support and Social Events

We want to do more than just work together. We want to grow together as professionals and as people. To facilitate that, we hold process groups where each therapist is empowered to bring up whatever they are struggling with. We want everyone to have a voice and to impact and shape our collective direction.

And, of course, it’s important we have time to celebrate. With that in mind, we have social gatherings that are about coming together and restoring our vitality.

Where We Are Today

After hiring my first therapist to join me on September 1, 2013, we have grown into a group of 20 therapists and five support staff. We anticipate continued growth. We have grown from two separate offices into the purchase of a 13-office space building in Fort Collins. We also have two satellite offices in nearby communities: five office spaces in Greeley as well as a two in Loveland.


This journey, like so many in life, has been fraught with disappointment and filled with joy. On the one hand, there have been days I wondered about the wisdom of continuing—days I pondered packing it in.

These, fortunately, were fewer than the times we celebrated together, drinking in the sweet successes that made the struggles worthwhile.

Challenges remain, as does the courage to face them together.

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