What is Counseling Like?

Posted By: on January 16, 2019
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Learn what to expect before attending your first session.

You’ve probably witnessed the world of therapy through the entertainment industry’s eyes. You’ve seen plenty of therapists depicted in film and TV shows. Some of the impressions you may have been left with include therapy being ineffective, that it seldom helps, or that mental health professionals have large laundry lists of issues of their own!

Counseling Isn’t What Hollywood Portrays It to Be

Counseling is highly beneficial and much more structured than Hollywood depicts it to be:

We desire to fit in, feel loved, be valued, and leave something behind worth remembering. When our judgment has been clouded by trauma, addiction, or abuse, it’s very easy to lose your sense of connection and worth. You then turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms to help you get past your feelings, which contribute to your problems and make you feel more isolated and alone.

Counseling helps you move past your old coping styles by providing you with a safe environment to express yourself and talk about the things that are causing issues in your life. You’ll learn new skills and healthy strategies to better deal with life’s stressors, and you’ll heal those wounded parts of yourself along the journey.

Sessions take place with a licensed counselor who initially serves as a patient and objective listener. They then provide you with resources that help you work on the issue at hand so that you’re able to come to your next session feeling successful because you’ve made progress. If a tool or technique hasn’t helped, you’ll be given other options that feel more useful to you.

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