Warning Signs Your Marriage is in Trouble

Posted By: on November 30, 2016

Everyone wants to believe that they’ll live happily every after once they tie the knot with their loves. Unfortunately, staying married is harder than it seems. Society tells us that the wedding day is the finish line for a relationship, but in reality there’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining a strong, healthy marriage. Many people’s marriages slip into misery before they even notice what’s happened. Here are three warning signs that your marriage is in trouble.

1. You Can’t Be Vulnerable

If you feel like you’re having trouble being open and honest with your spouse, that’s a sign things aren’t headed in a good direction. There are lots of reasons for feeling like you can’t open up, but none of them are good for a marriage.

2. You Don’t Fight Well

All couples fight. It would be weird if you agreed on everything all the time. The important thing is how you fight. If you’re always going on the defensive, you’re not really listening to what your partner is saying. When one of you expresses anger, you should address the situation, not attack the person. While behaviors can be changed, attacking a person will make them feel like they’re not good enough. If fights deteriorate into name-calling, sarcastic or snide remarks, or eye rolling, it’s not a good sign. This eats away at mutual respect and kindness. 

3. You Lack Trust

Trust is one of the main building blocks of a strong relationship. A lack of trust can come from a few things. Maybe there was a big betrayal like cheating or saying something awful. Many times, though, trust erodes slowly. Little moments when you or your partner doesn’t engage or betrays you in some small way add up under your nose. Before you know it, your marriage is collapsing. Unnecessary jealousy will also eat away at a relationship.

If you feel your marriage is in trouble, please reach out to the caring folks at Heart-Centered Counseling. You can call them at 970-498-0709 or email them at help@heartcenteredcounselors.com. They’re happy to support you in finding your way back to a caring relationship.

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