Video: Why Our Practice Became a Group of Therapists

Posted By: on May 06, 2015

You’re a therapist in private practice and you get a call from a woman who would like to have her daughter come in for counseling. Sadly, you don’t take her insurance, you don’t see children that young, and—even you did both—you’re booked up for the foreseeable future anyway.

Your next thought, of course, is to refer her to one your colleagues—after all there are quite a few good folks here in town you already know and trust—but this client wants to use Cigna and the only therapist you know who sees young kids and takes Cigna is booked out for months.

As much as you’d like to help her, the best you can do is share with her you don’t have a good referral for her right now, and you wish for the best of luck in your search. Never a very satisfying end to that conversation—after all you got into this line of work to help just this sort of person.

After almost 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist myself, and frustrated by this consistent problem, I decided it was time to create a social enterprise—a group of therapists—in Fort Collins, with the intention of resolving this persistent issue that I too suffered as a clinician in my own private practice.

With that in mind, I began looking for therapists in the community who would wanted to join me in creating a solution: so far, 10 of us have come together to offer this resolution:

  1. We promise to get people in who needs support right away.
  2. We’ll take your insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare.
  3. We’ll cover all areas of counseling.

As you can see, we hope to solve the problem that arises when that woman calls and is looking for childcare for her daughter, is hoping to use her Cigna insurance, and is only available after school hours, and neither you nor those great colleagues you know are be available to offer support. We’re that social enterprise that solves the problem, offering up a caring, compassionate space where clients feel safe, and where therapists feel confident in referring to us.

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