Video: What Should a Good Therapist Know?

Posted By: on March 25, 2015

One question you might ask is what should a good therapist know?

You expect your mechanic to know all about cars. What is it about humans you’d should expect your therapist know?

Well, first, it you’ll want your therapist to have an understanding of people from the standpoint of three things: a theory of personality, a theory of methods, and a theory of motivation.

When therapists understand the theory of personality, what they have is a basic understanding of how people grow and develop in life, and in particular, how people – in this growth – develop issues such as depression and anxiety.

Your therapist also needs to have a firm grasp on a theory of methods. You see, if your therapist (through their theory of personality) understands how anxiety and depression form, and how the human condition is prone to these painful experiences, your therapist should also understand how to work with these conditions and what methods to use to help you resolve your issues.

The last thing that  therapists should know is a theory of motivation. Here, therapists understand what motivates people to change.

One thing you should be aware of is that there are a large number of theories of personilites, methods, and motivations out there in the counseling field, and each therapist will follow either a unique theory or a integration of a handful of theories.

Knowing how your therapist understands people, how they understand change, how they work with people to affect change, might help you decide if this therapist is a good fit for you. It can also help you feel confident in the therapists ability to help you.

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