Video: What is Ecopsychology? And Can It Help Me?

Posted By: on March 18, 2015

Ecopsychology: it’s a big word.

Ecopsychology recognizes that our emotional and spiritual wellbeing is linked to our living planet: the Earth.

When  we experience a connection with the natural world, we fell alive, a rich vitality.

In ecopsychology, we acknowledge that nature has its own rhythm. And as we connect with the sacredness in the world around us, and feel its organic rhythms, we naturally slow down, as if entering a more mindful or more meditative state.

The very act of connecting with the world around us brings us back to our own natural rhythm, a slower rhythm, in tune with all of life. From that place of reconnection, our thought patterns naturally change.

Our entire sense of self, and our entire pacing changes. We shift from being human doings to human beings again. And in that way, we reclaim our sense of wellbeing in a full capacity.

You see, when we connect with the natural world, we stop life’s busyness long enough to feel again. We break the isolation with the world all around us. We recognize we’re never truly alone.

Rather, we’re surrounded by a living world of which you and I are an important part. We recognize we are a part of something beautiful, something spectacular. And instead of striving to become, we realize that we already are.

Just like the world is already here, and it does not need us to recreate it all over again, so too is that true of ourselves.

You already exist in a way that is enough, in a way that is worth celebrating, in a way that belongs.

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