Video: What Do We Do With Quiet Moments?

Posted By: on September 09, 2015

What do we do with those quiet moments? Those moments where there’s nothing that has to happen. How do we fill them?

There are some gaps in each of our days. Perhaps the time in the shower. Perhaps the time right before we go to bed and sleep. Perhaps it’s on a morning run. There are moments, some days fewer than others, when the world asks nothing of us. When there’s nothing we have to do, and nowhere we have to go.

But in those moments, where do we go? Do we busy our mind with the unresolved anxieties of the day, and become more anxious, trampling over quiet moments with anxiety? Do we distract ourselves with baseball statistics or fantasy football? Do we grab for the beer in the fridge when we’re home?

I’d like to propose that we consider what we could do with those few quiet moments that are there each day.  I’d suggest this become a time where we stay and just sit with what we feel. Not having to analyze or fix or resolve.

We take those moments, get in touch with our feelings, and see what we might do as a good friend to ourselves. We are simply kind to ourselves and our feelings in those moments. We just open up and feel loneliness, sadness, excitement, or disappointment. We show up for ourselves and our lives in a very open way, allowing ourselves to kindly care for ourselves.

Because really, in the quiet moments we learn the most about ourselves. If we run from them, we running from our own lives and ourselves. If we embrace them,we embrace our lives and ourselves.

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