Video: Were Indigenous Cultures Right About Relationships?

Posted By: on May 27, 2015

What does it mean to live a rich life? What is true wealth?

Most indigenous cultures believed the true wealth was measured not by richness of belonging, but by richness of relationships. And perhaps they were on to something. Perhaps to live richly is to experience the richness of relationship with oneself and relationship with those around you.

Regarding Relationship with oneself, there’s a wonderful quote that goes something like this: we will always be second-class citizens so long as we treat our feelings like second-class citizens.

If we’re truly going to be in quality relationship with ourselves, then we begin by getting in touch with all of what we feel, making room—a home—for all our feelings. We don’t want to trample over our fear of loneliness or sadness through distraction; we don’t want to vent our anger toward others instead of understanding our angry and what it tells us about our unmet needs.

Regarding relationship with those around you, listen to other people and learn to hear what they are feeling, and needing, allowing them the rich expression of who they are. Then, after offering them understanding, you can share with them what you feel and need, expressing who you are in response. And from that place, we connect to each other.

At the end of the day, the richest lives are not the ones measured in dollars, but, instead, the richest lives are those lived in the fullness of relationship with ourselves and each other.

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