Video: You Thought Your Doctor Would Just Give You Medication

Posted By: on February 26, 2015

You walk into the doctors office feeling anxious, and carrying all the symptoms of anxiety—inability to sleep, unable to eat, feeling overwhelmed. You expect the doctor will just give you medication, the little yellow pill—the one that comes with the risk of sudden kidney failure among 20 other warnings.

But much to your surprise, while you’re still waiting for the doctor, in walks this empathic person who calls herself the counseling care coordinator. She says she’s here to ask a few questions and get a pulse on how you’re feeling.

She recognizes you’re anxious, and offers some activities you can take home with you that might be helpful—she even practices them with you at the office. And already you’re feeling more relaxed.

She also mentions this doctor’s office has a really nice counselor who works in this very office, who’s really skilled at helping folks with anxiety, and she’d like you to come back tomorrow to learn more about how to manage your anxiety.

The next day, you arrive back at the same clinic, and now you’re in the care of a skilled therapist ready to get you all the way through your anxiety in only a few sessions.

Sound like a pipe dream? Well, if I have a say in it, this’ll likely be your future. I—and all of us at Heart-Centered Counseling—are working closely with doctor’s groups to integrate physical and behavioral care in just this way. We’re proposing models just like this in Northern Colorado, and we’re hoping to test run these models in some of the clinics around here very soon.

In the meantime, until we’ve got these running, feel free to call us directly for your mental health needs.

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