Video: Strengthening Your Adult Self

Posted By: on November 18, 2015

As a professional counselor, one of the goals of an integrative psychotherapy is the integration of the parts or fragments of oneself, creating an internal experience of wholeness.,From this place of wholeness, we are once again available to make internal contact and external contact all the while fully experiencing ourselves and our naturalness.

As a psychotherapist, we achieve this goal by first addressing the here and now struggles that the client is encountering, both in the room with us as professionals, as well as in their current relationships and everyday life. As our clients express, both verbally and nonverbally, how they are struggling, we move in two different directions.

The first direction we typically move into – and the thing to address – is the strengthening of the adult self.

Here, we help with the ability to make adult decisions about health and relationships, helping a client find a centered, grounded place from which they can process. In order to best support this, we help our clients regulate their emotions, and in particular their anxiety: We present skills to operate from a more grounded place.

For example, we teach them how to communicate within themselves and with other people in ways that are regulating, and from that regulated pace we encourage them to make authentic contact both internally and externally.

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