Video: Sometimes We Get Lost in the Busyness of Life

Posted By: on September 30, 2015

Sometimes, we need to take back our lives. Often, our natural rhythm for life gets overtaken by the demands of our life, and we find ourselves operating out of a more anxious, got-to-get-it-all-done mode.

Most of us aware we can probably do a little better… live a little better… because our lives have become what our work has demanded that it be. We end up slowly losing ground, one inch at a time, to the demands around us and suddenly we’re drowning, trying to tread water.

Stop. Just for a moment. Catch your breath. And find your natural rhythm. From here, you can start to figure out how you take some time to ensure that the way you’re investing your time, energy and your very life, is consistent with what you really want in the first place.

Listen, sometimes we all just get lost the busyness of life, and don’t reflect on what a good enough life looks like… Good enough in that I’m making enough of the time I do the things that matter most.

Whether it’s a vacation or time talking to a therapist or a mindful meditation, find some time in the busyness of life to ask: Am I sharing this life with the people around me or hurrying through it and managing them? Am I living my life or is it happening to me?

If you want help putting your best life together and resetting to your rhythm, you’re most welcome to come in and get a little bit of support, to get some quiet time here at the office, and get in touch with your own natural rhythm, instead of perhaps the more anxious rhythm of a busy life. From there, you can reflect and see how to build a life that’s consistent with that natural sense of self. Sometimes, it’s nice not having to figure out all these things all by ourselves.

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