Video: Sometimes Bad Things Happen

Posted By: on December 23, 2015


Sometimes, when we stop and reflect on life, we can feel that life is out of sorts. Life is never “perfect.” It’s never “everything is exactly as I want it to be.” And that’s a reality of life. And if wait for life to be just right in order to feel secure, then we’ll never feel secure.

We can’t do the impossible—we can’t “fix” life so that it is just perfect.

The work, and this is our work in life, is to learn how to live well in the midst of all the unfinished business of life, and find a sense of security and peace.

Listen, bad things happen in life. And we can’t avoid these. And good things happen as well. But some days, as sit and look out on the window of life, we’re most in touch with how scary this world is—we’re in touch with how many things are going wrong.

The work is to find a way to ground ourselves in our courage, in our hope, and with one another.

One of the keys, relationally, is to be able to have a relationship with ourselves, and with others, where we’re able to soothe ourselves and each other. We want to be able to—internally—talk to ourselves in a way that is kind and gracious and have empathy for our struggle. And we also want to lean on each other, to get that external soothing that comes from being close to one another.

And, externally, once we’re soothed, we want to get back out there into life, and just do what’s next. We just take the next step, understanding that change happens one small step at a time.

There is no magical cure to our anxiety, but sometimes just getting care, from ourselves and each other, and then doing what’s next, leads us down a road that, over time, can feel magical.

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