Video: How to Relieve Your Anxiety About Money

Posted By: on March 12, 2015


Money is a source of tremendous anxiety. And our culture tells us that we will solve the problem about money by making more money. And then we won’t have to be anxious anymore.

We believe we’ll find this magic place called “enough” where we’ll never have to worry about money again.

But the reality is that the rich worry just as much about their money as those who live just above the poverty line.

Because the reality is, having more money doesn’t cure our anxiety around money.

So what does?

If you’re going to truly solve your financial anxiety, it’s going to come from relationships, from the assurance that you’re going to be ok, no matter what happens with your money.

And that reassurance comes from your relationship with yourself, or with your spouse or your significant other, or with your relationship with your faith, whatever that happens to be.

So whenever you’re anxious about money and your’e ruminating about how you’re going to make more, please stop for a moment and find someone you love. It can be someone outside of you, or a grounded part inside of you, or a spiritual dimension you connect with through prayer.

Whatever it is, turn to that part of your life and let that part reassure you that, come what may, you’ll be ok.

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