Video: Overcoming Loss – Emotional Acceptance During Times of Pain

Posted By: on January 27, 2016


Life is full of losses.

Life is full of necessary, unavoidable losses.

As we grow up, we say goodbye to childhood. As we transition, we say goodbye to different parts of our lives and different people in our lives. Some goodbyes are more painful that others; Sometimes, an important relationship dies, or an important person passes away.

It’s important that at these times of loss, we hold on to acceptance. Not necessarily the acceptance of what’s been lost (at least not right away), but rather the acceptance of our very human response.

To accept that we are angry about what’s happening. To accept that we are sad about what’s happening. To accept the fact that sometimes we need to look away from what’s been lost (and maintain a certain level of denial). And to, in our own time, accept the loss itself, whatever or whomever it may be.

This is the high cost of admission that comes with being alive. The gift of life comes with the certainty of loss. There’s no way in this life to avoid the pain and disappointment that come with loss. All that we can do is remain open and present to the full sensation of what we are experiencing.

Loss brings us face-to-face with the intensity of our emotions, the limitations of our control of life, and paradoxically a deep appreciation for the preciousness of all we have around us.

Loss brings with it painful gifts such as pain and sorrow, but it can also augment our sense of humanityour empathy for our fellow man or woman, and our insight and care for his or her experience.

Indeed, studies show that people who have undergone a great deal of loss often emerge with tremendous empathy for all the people around them.

As we go through loss, it’s important that we lean on our relationship with that caring part of ourselves, our relationship with one another, and our relationship with God whatever we imagine that to be.

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