Video: Our Partners at Cancer Harbors in Fort Collins

Posted By: on August 14, 2015

One of our Fort Collins community partners is Cancer Harbors. It was founded by a former oncology nurse, and here’s what she had to say about her work:

As an oncology nurse giving chemotherapy treatments to patients, I always wondered what happened to them after they left the clinic. They had so many questions and concerns that never seemed to get answered during short doctor appointments.

When they were done with treatment, doctors would tell them, “You’re cancer-free” and show them the door.  

There was one big problem. Their lives had been turned upside down, they still felt terrible, often for months afterward, and had no idea of a timeline to expect for recovery.

There needed to be a way that patients could have more control and say over how they went forward in their lives.  Cancer Harbors™ was created to meet these needs, to fill the gaps in care.

Cancer Harbors is an action and skill-based service to help people with cancer learn the whys and hows of better health, setting realistic expectations and goals for themselves in the timeline of treatment and recovery.  It’s a low-cost, cutting-edge approach to meeting the real life needs of people who are undergoing treatment or are recovering after treatment for cancer.

Because living is so much more than surviving.

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