Video: Moving Day for Heart-Centered Counseling

Posted By: on July 29, 2015

It’s almost moving day.

You see, about two years ago, I set out to build a group practice. My intention was to put together a caring group of therapists who’d support each other and support their clients.

One problem I didn’t fully think through was where we’d put all these great Heart-Centered Counseling therapists. I’d worked, for the past 10 years, in a small office building with only 8 office spaces.

As our group grew, the landlord gave me more offices, but with some long term tenants already in the building, she was only able to make 4 offices available. We’ve filled those four.

And then we kept growing, and had to add other spaces throughout town.

My vision of being a caring group of therapists who could support one another was in some ways put on hold – it’s hard to care about each other in an active way when you’re working across town from one another. Our caring group was fragmenting.

Good heavens! Something had to be done!

So in April of this year, I began the process of looking for an office building that we as a group could all move in to.

One day, my realtor sent me this listing for a plain-looking 1976 triangle-shaped office building, that seemed tremendously overpriced. But, the location was fantastic, so I told my wife, if the price goes down by about 25%, maybe we’ll take a look.

A month passed, and not much else came on the market. And the price of that plain-looking triangle office building never budget. Not by one dollar. With not much else to see, I told my realtor to go ahead and show me the triangle building.

I walked in the door. I knew it was our space. The interior was fantastic, perfect even. I could easily see how to rearrange the 3,000 square feet, with little work, into 13 welcoming offices, a staff lounge, and an inviting waiting room.

After a month of anxious negotiations, we got the building under contract. We closed—excitedly—on July 7.

And now, as August 1 rolls around, we’re getting ready to move in. No more satellite offices all over town. Everyone together. A true group of therapists working together in a caring environment, happy to be together, excited to help our clients.

Moving day is right around the corner, my bags are packed, and there’s a smile on my face.

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