Video: Looking for a Therapist or Counselor in Fort Collins?

Posted By: on February 19, 2015

If you live in Fort Collins and you’re looking for a therapist or counselor – for your marriage, for your child, or for yourself – then you’ve probably had this experience: you pick up your phone and start calling – you call a number of different therapists in private practice. And, all too often, your search would end in frustration. You just give up on finding a therapist because you can’t find the right one. Either they don’t take your insurance – or they’re full – or they don’t have the evening appointment you need.

About two years ago, I realized our town needed a solution to this problem – because too many people were giving up on getting the support the needed. I put together a remarkable group of therapists, and we came together as a group of ten. Together, we make this promise to any potential clients that call: (1) we will have openings, (2) we will take every insurance; (3) we’ll make sure we cover every area of expertise (from kids to couples, from teens to families, from adults to the elderly); and (4) we’ll make sure we offer outstanding, experienced care to everyone who comes in the door.

We’ve created a social enterprise – an organization built based on need and not profit – giving Fort Collins a new therapy model, one where you can make one call and you get the help you deserve.

If you’d like to talk with myself about getting care yourself, we’d like nothing more than to take some time out and chat.

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