Video: Live Your Best Life This New Year

Posted By: on January 08, 2015

The new year promises a fresh, new beginning. A chance to make things right – to live life our best life this year.

No wonder you, like so many of us, start the with year with lofty goals about improving your health, your relationship, or your habits.

If you’re like the rest of us, you start with a bang, signing up for yoga classes, a new gym membership, a new commitment to your marriage…

But, somewhere between 3 to 5 weeks in, your willpower slowly begins to deteriorate – and your old life threats to make a complete return.

What can you do to make this year different – to really stick to your resolutions? Let me tell you…

Here’s the key: Make big plans, but take small steps.

Decide on the big change you want to make. But don’t stop your decision making there. Decide on the 10 small steps you’re going to make to get to that big goal. Make each step manageable, with no one step requiring a major change in your life. I know you want to get there, but this really is the case of the tortoise beating the hair – slow and steady wins the race to truly revitalized new year.

One rule of thumb is introduce a small change each three to four week. If you want to make it simple on yourself, make one of the 10 small changes at the beginning of each month.

Now you’ve got a caring way to gently move yourself to the fantastic new year you’re looking for.

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