Video: Heart-Centered Counseling’s Commitment to Care

Posted By: on July 08, 2015

At Heart-Centered Counseling, our corporate culture is one of coming together to become, hand-in-hand—for each other and for our community—that which we cannot be alone. We recognize no one gets through this world alone, and that we are stronger together.

We strive to become—standing shoulder-to-shoulder—a premiere counseling group in our community, a belief-becoming-reality that emerges from our commitment to three defining principles.

Let me tell you about one of those defining principles—a special way in which we commit ourselves to our client’s well-being:

First, each of us offer a rich counseling experience to each of our clients through the quality of our care, the depth of clinical experience, and the time commitment to each client.

We help each person, first, get short-term relief from any immediate crisis, often using an evidence-based, short-term therapy model—and we go well beyond that.

We build a relationship and a rapport with each client, and in the context of the warm relationship, we invite each client to address not only the short-term crisis, but to recognize the crisis as an invitation—an open door—to understanding why relational and emotional crises are emerging in the first place.

We encourage each client to join with us in a qualitatively based longer-term therapy that supports characterological change, inviting each person to reclaim spontaneity and naturalness in relationship and problem-solving.

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