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Here at Heart-Centered Counseling, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our Greeley office, the opening of our Loveland office, and the appointment of two new regional directors.

When Heart-Centered Counseling grew into a group practice about two years ago, we started out in a relatively small office space in Old Town Fort Collins. We quickly outgrew one space after another, and as you may know, this summer we finally purchased a building with thirteen office spaces that we hope will house us comfortably in Fort Collins for some time to come.

Expanding Locations

But we didn’t just grow in Fort Collins. Our medical partners asked us to open a satellite office in Greeley, Colorado, and there’s long been a longtime demand for our services in Loveland, Colorado. So as we finally settled down in Fort Collins, it was time to turn our attention to Greeley and Loveland.

But, that led to a bit of conflict for me. You see, I’m a live and local sort of a person who prefers a bike to a car and spends most of my life within a mile of my home.  The idea of maintaining satellite offices in nearby communities was truly a challenge for me.

Expanding Leadership

Fortunately, two of our therapists were ready to step in and act as regional directors—one in Loveland and one in Greeley.

Greeley Office

Our psychologist, Dr. Tom Barr, will take over for me at the Greeley office. He and his team will be moving into their six office suite on December 1st. Be looking for more detail on this location in an upcoming post.

Loveland Office

We’re fortunate to have our licensed clinical social worker, Doug Wenger, taking the lead in our Loveland office. Doug comes to us through the Thompson School District and is working to help us build relationships with the schools—and beyond—that will allow our Loveland office to thrive.

As our new regional directors, Tom and Doug will help with staffing, office space, and networking in Greeley and Loveland. I’ll be there to help while also focusing on growing our Fort Collins offices.

We’re fortunate to have the ability to grow in Loveland and Greeley, two wonderful communities, and grow there under the supervision of two skilled therapists who are also terrific human beings.

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