Video: Finding Happiness (According to Brain Research)

Posted By: on August 05, 2015

There is something to be said about wanting to change our lives. We all want to make our lives better. Interestingly, most of us think of sweeping changes when it comes to making our lives better.

However, what’s interesting, is that this idea that we create happiness through the big-and-significant is inconsistent with the recent brain research which says that change in how we feel comes through the small-and-frequent.

Specifically, if we want to create a lasting sense to change in our lives, it’s the small things in every day, or more specifically how we do the small things in every day, that really allow us to make a difference in how we feel.

If you want to create lasting and meaningful change, continue to live your life more or less as it is, but find small breaks, small cracks in time, that you can fill with intentional activities that help you feel more mindful.

This could include a small visualization, a short meditation, or simply breathing deeply.

The key is to remember that it is not whether you’ve succeeded or failed in staying present and engaged. It’s about simply being able to come back the experience of being with yourself in a caring, accepting way, and creating openings in time when you can do that for yourself, intentionality each and every day.

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