Video: A 4-Step Resolution to Anxiety

Posted By: on January 06, 2016


One thing in life that I know I can count on is that life will challenges me. Hard times will come.

One of the things I used to do—when things got hard—was to try to get it all fixed and resolved right away, before I even took the time to settle down and catch my breath.

Over time, what I began to realize was that I didn’t have to fix everything right away in order to manage my anxiety. And fact, feeling that I did often created more problems for me than it actually solved.

Today, I find I do much better by, when a stressful situation comes up, just slowing down.

First, I tell myself that I have time to resolve this.

Next, I tell myself that the problem is not as big as I am experiencing it in this moment.

Third, I tell myself the key to resolving anything is to just take my time and take small steps, one at a time, that together will add to offering resolution.

Fourth, I reassure myself that everything is going to be OK in the long run.

I found that the more I’m able to start by regulating myself, the better I can do with regard to finding a resolution for the anxiety and issues behind it.

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