Video: 2 Life Challenges We Are All Invited Into

Posted By: on May 01, 2015

Recently, I headed off to a conference, the international integrative psychotherapy association’s biannual conference. And as I prepared for the transition from my known day-to-day life here in Fort Collins, onto a plane and over to Spain for the gathering, I became more aware of my internal preparations.

I was feeling challenged to find the balance between presenting myself as a competent, skilled clinician and also presenting myself as an open-hearted human being.

And I think that’s a challenge that we’re all invited into:

(1) How do I present myself in this world from a place of open heartedness? From a place of being open to all of what life can bring? How do I engage all my feelings honestly and courageously on the inside?

And (2) How do I reach out  from that place for contact and support? How do I reach out while holding on to my adult self?  How do I hold on to the part of me that is competent and skilled while expressing all of who I am?  

So at the conference, I hope my life is an easy balance, where I can shift between contact with my internal awareness, and reaching out bravely and kindly to the world around me to share my needs and my feelings. I want to trust that whatever happens, I’m enough, and minimize my time in retreat from contact with the world. And hopefully I can continue to carry that full me well beyond the conference walls.

I think it’s a challenge we face every day as we seek to be open-hearted.

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