Three Reasons You Should NOT Deal with Depression Alone

Posted By: on June 13, 2019
depressed person gazing into the lake

Depression is acknowledged as one of the most common mental health concerns in the United States. Depression is known as a mood disorder that can completely disrupt your life and the life of those you love the most.

There are different classifications of Depression, but all classifications have similar effects on how you feel, think, and act:

Just a few signs and indicators of Depression are:

  • Unexplainable fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Feeling restless
  • Feeling sad and empty constantly
  • Thoughts of suicide


So why is it that you should not deal with Depression Alone?


  1. You are not alone

The number one reason you should not deal with Depression by yourself is simple – you are not alone. You are not the only individual coping with Depression. In fact, many people suffer from Depression on a daily bases, and many people understand what you’re going through.

Sometimes people suffering from Depression don’t realize that what they are feeling and experiencing is considered a type of Depression, and minis their experience. In other situations, people are embarrassed by these feelings and thoughts, so they choose to ignore them, or they try their best to ignore them – ultimately ignoring the fact that they need help!


  1. There are numerous resources available

There is undeniably no reason for anyone to suffer from Depression in silence because of all of the resources available for coping with this mental health concern.

Sometimes opening up about these feelings can be a frightening emotion and often it leaves you feeling vulnerable. Never-the-less, your family is a GREAT resource to utilize. And, there are many other resources available as well. There are options such as:

  • Peer Therapy – talking with others that have experienced similar experiences
  • Group Therapy – similar to Peer therapy, usually on a larger scale & typically share a common recovery goal
  • Individual therapy/counseling – caring treatment provided by a mental health professional
  • Medication – prescribed by a Medical professional to help manage symptoms


  1. Prolongs the Healing process

Finally, it would be best if you did not deal with Depression alone because it prolongs the healing process. The sooner you recognize your signs and symptoms, the sooner you can acquire ways to heal: you can learn techniques to deal with Depression so that your life is not left upside down.



The idea is to recognize that, if you’re trying to handle Depression on your own, you don’t allow yourself to get better as quickly as you might when you reach out! As previously mentioned you may avoid the warning signs. In some cases, you may choose an unhealthy coping mechanism, versus taking advantage of the valuable support that is readily available to you.

If you aren’t sure where to start, look into working with a Heart-Centered Counseling therapist. Here you will NOT be alone and be provided the tools needed to begin your journey towards healing!

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