Therapy is a Slow and Steady Process

Posted By: on November 01, 2017

 Unfortunately, we live in a world of quick fixes. We want things to be done right away. Many people feel that if we do not see results right away, it simply isn’t working properly. When it comes to therapy, many clients have thought that they would come into their very first session and have some gigantic “eureka” moment when their thought processes and behaviors would change and they would immediately be living a happier life. 

However, therapy is not an instant process. For real progress to happen in your life, you need to dedicate yourself to your therapy and the changes you need to be making in your life.

Opening Up to Your Therapist Takes Time

Therapy completely hinges on your ability to open up to your therapist. For some people, this can be a difficult and slow process. It can be hard to create a relationship and trust someone new, even if you know that they are there to help. It can take time for you to talk to your therapist openly about your mental health and troubles in your life. Once that relationship is created and you feel comfortable talking to your therapist, that is when progress can deepen and your therapist can help you more significantly. 

Changing Your Behavior Takes Time

Once you have that strong relationship with your therapist, you can begin transforming your own actions, habits, and behaviors that have been holding you back in life. You’re probably not going to wake up one morning and decide that you aren’t going to make the same mistakes that have been holding you back. Changing your mindset and your behaviors will take some time. You cannot change your habits immediately. It will take time to develop healthier habits that can help you live a better life.

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