The Psychiatrist Shortage in the US, and What We’re Doing to Help

Posted By: on September 17, 2018
Group of psychiatrists

It takes a village, and we’re up for the challenge!

The shortage of psychiatrists in the United States is making it difficult for patients to promptly receive the care that they require. Depending on location, the average wait can be 12 to 16 weeks! Heart-Centered Counseling is actively hiring psychiatrists so we can see our patients within a seven day time period. Putting your mental health and well-being first is our priority, and we’re working around the clock to solve the psychiatrist shortage in Colorado by staffing our offices with the most qualified, caring psychiatric providers.

What Psychiatrists Do

A psychiatrist’s role is to provide you with a comprehensive plan of care, usually suggesting a plan that includes medication, talk therapy, and other healing modalities that are complementary. They will then provide the medications and make a referral for counseling services.

Our Nurse Practitioners take the time to get to know you as a person as well as your medical history so we can determine the best course of medication going forward. They’ll often suggest complementing that with talk therapy, where you’ll learn valuable coping strategies that help you deal with your issues, no matter how complex they may be.

How We’ve Answered the Call by Providing Immediate Care

Being able to provide you with care in a week’s time is something we’re very proud of. Despite the shortage of psychiatric resources the US faces, we continue to attract the most skilled and talented professionals because of the safe and nurturing environment we’ve created for our patients and our providers alike. We’re continuing to add psychiatrists to our locations as a way of answering our patient demand for psychiatric services.

Get the mental health care that you deserve without the wait. Contact us to set up a free consultation. Get the psychiatric care required to promote change in your life. Learn more about the services we provide by calling or emailing us for more information.

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