The Power Of Positive Thinking

Posted By: on October 10, 2019
person feeling free with positivity

We’re all familiar with the concept of positive thinking and its’ powers, and oftentimes it can be all too easy to accept it as merely an overused cliché. However, much scientific research has been conducted over the years that demonstrates the physical and mental benefits of this, making the power of positive thinking much more than just a cliché.

What can a positive mindset give you?

If you’re in a positive frame of mind, you may feel more confident and your overall mood, might even improve. Some studies have shown that there is also a reduced likelihood of individuals going on to develop stress-related disorders if they maintain a positive mindset.

  • Defining ‘the power of positive thinking’:

Positive thinking may be defined as positive imagery, positive self-talk or having a general sense of optimism in relation to life. However, these definitions are broad and knowing how to really use the power of positive thinking in your everyday life may not be so recognizable. To help you, here are a few ways to guide yourself through the process:

  • Begin your day the “warm” way

Begin your day by being kind and gentle with yourself, no matter what you’re feeling. Don’t pressure yourself to be a certain way, but rather begin with some positive affirmations such as “I’m enough just as I am”. You might consider talking to yourself in this positive manner in the mirror. Sounds a little crazy, but it works!

  • Make gentleness your focus:

If some negative things happen to you throughout your day (as they invariably will), try be gentle with yourself as you go through in them. And if you find yourself angry or sad, then bring your warmth and gentleness to those emotions.

  • Can you see the funny side?

Humor can often be found in the most unlikely of places if we look hard enough for it and allowing yourself to have a chuckle over an everyday situation can help you to relax into your experiences.

  • Learn from your mistakes:

Mistakes. We all make them; we all sometimes beat ourselves up over them. However, rather than focusing on how you failed, try to be gentle toward yourself and understanding toward your humanness. Then, think about what you’ll do next time and turn your failure into a lesson.

  • Turn negative self-talk into kind self-talk:

You may not even notice that you’ve been giving yourself a hard time mentally but try to pay attention to the words in your head and wherever possible, bring kindness and understanding to whatever you’re experiencing.

  • Surround yourself with positive people:

Being around people who don’t make you feel good about yourself can be a great struggle. It may not always be easy to do, but if you can find people who treat you with kindness and respect, it will help you immeasurably if you’re struggling with negative thoughts and feelings.

To know more about the true power of positive thinking, make an appointment with a licensed counselor to help you chase away those negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones.

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