The Power of Acceptance in the Healing Process

Posted By: on October 19, 2016

When we experience a devastating loss or situation, such as the death of a loved one, we experience grief. Typically, there are five stages associated with grief—denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. While you may not experience each stage, you hopefully get to the acceptance stage so you can heal and move forward. Here’s why acceptance is such a powerful and importance part of the healing process.

Acceptance doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be happy about a situation all the time. It’s completely normal to miss a person who’s gone. Acceptance is learning to be okay with the way things are.

If we can’t accept the outcome of a situation, we won’t be able to enjoy life. As difficult as things may be, being able to adapt and accept whatever life throws at us is key to finding happiness. If you’re constantly dwelling on the past, wishing for what was, you can’t move forward. You can get so caught up in wanted a different outcome that you miss that incredible things that are happening around you. Acceptance helps you be present with all the amazing things you do have going on in your life, instead of fixating on the things you don’t have.

Acceptance not only helps you feel happy, but it can also help heal you in certain circumstances. If you have a tendency to drink too much, you’ll never be able to address and correct your addiction if you can’t accept that you have one. It’s only by accepting that you have a problem that you can begin taking the steps to heal and move forward.

Of all the feelings and emotions we experience, acceptance isn’t widely talked about as an important one. However, it’s one of the most important and necessary parts of the healing process.

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