The Importance of Slowing Down

Posted By: on November 15, 2017

We live in a culture that encourages busyness. If your day isn’t filled with a million things to do, people will think that you are somehow wasting life. However, in all this busyness, there isn’t time to just be calm and relax.

Time to be calm and quiet is absolutely vital for mental health. It can give you the ability to reflect on the events that happen throughout the day and decompress.

Busyness Can Get Out of Control

One of the reasons that we get too busy is that we have a difficult time saying no to different things. While these may be good things to be doing, at some point, it can just be too much for anyone, causing unnecessary stress in your life.

When we keep saying yes to events and activities, our schedules get so busy that we don’t fully put our energy into what we actually love doing. It is an act of discipline to actually say no to people so that you can have time to just be calm and quiet.

Taking Time to Focus on Your Mental Health

When you have gaps of time to relax, don’t try to fill them with other things to do. Take some time to be in solitude and reflect on your life.

Whether you want to take time to meditate, pray, or go for a relaxing walk, it’s important that you don’t fill that time with anything else. Find that balance of doing activities that you enjoy and time that you have to yourself.

If you struggle to find this balance, it may be a good idea to discuss your schedule with your counselor who can support you on creating a lifestyle that gives you time to do what you love and time to be quiet.

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