The Importance of Being Kind to Others

Posted By: on October 04, 2017

Nobody’s perfect, and there are times in everyone’s life when being kind just doesn’t come naturally. Sometimes it feels easier to become angry and hurtful to others when others have been angry towards you, but this just leads to all of us continuously hurting one another. Being kind is not only beneficial for other’s mental health, but it is good for yours as well.

You Don’t Know What Others Are Going Through

When someone is unkind to us, often times we react by being unkind to them. However, they may have been unkind to you because they may be having a particularly difficult day or they are going through a rough time. Instead of you making their lives easier, responding with unkindness may accidentally make their day worse. If you can act in kindness instead, you may brighten their day and make their life a little better.

Kindness Creates Intention in Your Life

It’s important for everyone to have intentions in their life. Choosing to be kind is an act of intentionality and mindfulness. Often times, being mean is reactionary, but it takes effort to truly be kind. You have to take the time to stop and think and choose to do the kind thing. This mindfulness is a process that can help you make the world around you a better place.

Kindness is Contagious

When someone is kind to you, you feel encouraged to be kind to others. Kindness is something that you want to pass on to others. Choosing to be kind can have a much bigger effect than you realize. If you know that you struggle with being kind to others, you may want to discuss this with a counselor. A counselor can help you become more mindful of your attitude and help you act kindly towards others.

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