The Healing Power of Emotion

Posted By: on January 25, 2017

When it comes to feeling better about a bad situation, most people talk about the same few things that helped them overcome it. Whether it was talking to a friend or family member, seeking professional counseling, or some other way, they usually have one thing in common; they all involve expressing your emotions

It’s not good to keep your emotions inside. Many people think that expressing their emotions will make them seem weak, but it’s actually just the opposite. Really feeling and talking about your emotions is a mark of a strong person. It can be a scary thing to allow yourself to fully feel and openly express your emotions. 

By allowing yourself to really feel your emotions, you will be able to overcome and heal from negative situations in your life much more quickly. If you are sad or heartbroken, you can try sweeping it under the rug and distracting yourself with other things, but it will come up at some point down the road. If you allow yourself to fully grieve, you will be able to fully heal and move forward with your life. 

Your emotional health can actually affect your mental and physical health as well. If your emotional health isn’t good, you might be more stressed and have trouble focusing on work or school. If you keep your emotions bottled up, you may find you have trouble sleeping. The lack of sleep and increased stress can make you more likely to get sick and lead to bigger problems down the road.

Emotions can even repair relationships and be used to help others. If you and your partner regularly discuss what you are feeling, it can help build and strengthen your bond. Sharing your own emotions shows others that they can be open about theirs as well. That leads to even more healing through the power of emotions. 


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