The Benefit of Helping Others During the Holiday Season

Posted By: on December 20, 2017

The holiday season has themes of love, joy, and peace. Even though we have these lovely notions, many of us (understandably) get stuck in the mindset of rushing to meet our own needs. We sometimes forget to take the time to help others.  We sometimes feel we “should” be focused on helping meet other peoples’ needs. But often, our own busyness gets in the way. However, it’s still important throughout the season to take the time to show people that you care.

Helping Others Creates a Sense of Community

When we are always out and rushing about doing the things we need to do, we can become inwardly focused, paying attention to what is happening to us. When we take the time to help others, we get this chance to see what is happening in others’ lives and it helps to put our own lives into perspective. Helping others can also help you feel more connected and creates genuine relationships.

Kindness Can Be Contagious

Kindness is a beautiful thing because it has the ability to spread. When you take the time to help others, they may, in turn, want to go and help others in their lives. By doing one simple act, you have the chance to affect the lives of people that you may not even have met. Spreading feelings of care and compassion to others by doing something that affects them in a positive way can generate a chain reaction of kindness.

If you are looking for ways to make other people’s lives better during the holiday season, this may be something that you want to talk to your therapist about. They can help you understand how you can affect others and how you can easily bring kindness into your life by helping others – friends, family, and strangers alike – throughout the holiday season.  

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