Some People Fear That Couples Counseling Will Be Bad for Their Marriage. It’s not! Here’s why.

Posted By: on October 16, 2018
husband and wife just married

If you think that couples counseling will be bad for your marriage, you’re misinformed. It’s actually a way to strengthen your bond, get past disagreements, and help you and your spouse become better communicators with one another. Marriage counseling is ideal for men and women at any stage of their relationship (married or not). In fact, Psychology Today Author Caroline Sweatt-Eldredge states that “Couples who engage in premarital counseling have a more realistic view of marriage and a deeper level of commitment to each other.”

Counseling provides structure and a new way of thinking about relationships. When you decide to see a marriage counselor to work on your issues, you’re admitting that you don’t have all the answers but you’re willing to explore new ways of approaching them. Couples counseling helps you move past disagreements and more complex issues so you continue to see value in the person that you married and your marriage.

Couples Counseling Identifies Problem Areas in a Relationship and Helps Solve Them

Make the important decision to strengthen your marriage. Couples counseling helps you address the things that cause tension with your spouse. By opening the doors of communication, you’re able to ask for what you need and deliver what your significant other needs in your relationship. You’ll be a better communicator because you’ll have a dedicated amount of time and a safe space to demonstrate active listening.

Contact Heart-Centered Counseling Today for a Free Consultation

A free consultation with Heart-Centered Counseling allows you and your partner to get to know our therapists. That way, you feel comfortable with the idea of therapy. When you feel like your counselor is a good fit for you as a couple, you’re more compelled to open up and benefit from the mental health professional’s supportive advice and encouragement for your relationship.

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