What People Do to Recover from Sexual Abuse

Posted By: on March 15, 2018


Sexual abuse is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person. Sexual abuse taints the sex life of the survivor, sometimes destroying what is meant to give them pleasure and they are supposed to enjoy. When people are unable to recover from sexual abuse, they can have difficulty creating healthy, fulfilling relationships. This is what some people do to recover from sexual abuse.

Seek Professional Help and Support from Loved Ones

Recovery from sexual abuse is easier with help. Sexual abuse survivors should seek professional help and support from those that they trust. Telling others about the sexual abuse takes the power away from the abuser. Of course, it is extremely difficult to be this vulnerable about sexual abuse and often, sexual abuse makes the survivor feel ashamed. None-the-less, the courage to find your voice – and voice your experience – is key step in the healing journey.

Create a New Meaning for Sex

Sexual abuse will distort what sex means and the intimacy that it can create between two people. Sexual abuse survivors may, for example, feel that sex is a form of punishment. They need to be able to redefine what sex means to them and begin to view sex as a healthy, beneficial thing.

Learn to Work on Healing With Their Partner

When their partner is fully aware of the abuse that they had experienced in the past as well as the healing process, their partner can have the patience and support that the survivor needs. When the sexual abuse survivor feels validated and secure, they will be more likely to become more physically open with their partner.

If you or a loved one has survived sexual abuse, finding a therapist that understands how to deal with trauma after sexual abuse is a good first step to recovery. Recovery is always difficult, but always possible.

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