Q&A: The Colorado Counseling Association Outstanding Practitioner Award

Posted By: on April 02, 2015

Recently, I was honored to receive the 2014-2015 Colorado Counseling Association Outstanding Practitioner Award.

This award was established to recognize an outstanding counseling practitioner whose time is spent primarily in direct counseling. The main purpose of the award is to honor excellence in the practice of counseling.

To give you some context, Colorado has about 6,500 professional counselors. The Colorado Counseling Association is the largest organization of these counselors in the state. It is a branch of the American Counseling Association.

A friend of mine asked me to answer a few questions about the award, which I wanted to share with you.

When you got the call about winning the award, what was your first reaction? (and why do you think you felt that way?)

When I got the call that I won the award I was both moved and excited. I think I had a smile that was real tough to wipe off my face that day. It was kind of feeling you get when the girl or boy you really like says yes after you asked her or him to prom. It’s this real sense of appreciation and enjoyment and calm, and a feeling that all your hard work is being recognized and valued.

What does winning this award mean for clients?

My hope is that this award helps my clients feel even more confident in the counseling work that we do together. Interestingly, one of the key determinants in the success of therapy is the client’s belief in the therapist’s ability to help.

My hope is that when clients recognize that I have been awarded the outstanding practitioner award, it will boost their confidence in me and my skill set.

What does it mean for the group practice?

I hope the award has a similar effect for the group.

I’m the primary trainer and supervisor for our group. I hope people will feel an increased sense of confidence in our group practice, as they recognize it’s directed by the winner of the outstanding practitioner award. In short, I hope people feel more comfortable and confident with the integrity, ethics, skill, and care that I provide individually and that we provide as a group.

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