You’re a Person Who Deserves Complete Support

I understand that psychiatric medication can sometimes play an important role in the lives of many of our clients. With that in mind, I’ve not only put together a team of therapists to help, but also a psychiatric team.

Our psychiatric team seeks to provide nurturing, client-focused psychiatric services as an addition to our therapeutic support.

How Does Seeing a Psychiatric Provider Work?

Our Med Management program is run by highly-trained psychiatric nurse practitioners (psych NPs), who are under the supervision of our psychiatrist. This skilled team works in collaboration with both myself and our therapists at Heart Centered Counseling.

Now, you’ll collaborate with both your primary therapist as well as a primary nurse practitioner. Much like your therapist, your psych NP takes the time to get to know you as a person, making sure that she learns not only about your medication history, but also about you.

In an actual appointment with a psych NP, you’ll find yourself talking about how you’ve been feeling, your life in general, your physical and mental health concerns, your current medications, and how those medications are impacting both your physical and psychological health.

You and your psychiatric nurse practitioner might decide to continue down your current medication path, or make changes to your meds. If changes are made, you can rest assured that your NP will follow up with you during your next visit.

Your psychiatric NP will be a part of your well-rounded team, doing her work in consultation with your regular therapist.


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Carl R Nassar, LPC, CIP, CIIPTS, Director, Heart Centered Counseling, Fort Collins, Colorado

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How Does Working with a Psychiatric Provider Differ from Visiting My Regular Doctor?

Primary care physicians provide are wonderful health providers who can help with just about any health problem you might be facing. Primary care doctors will even write prescriptions for a number of mental health conditions.

Of course, mental health is not their specialty, and that limits what most primary care practitioners feel comfortable prescribing. Also, their prescriptions are often written without consulting with your therapist or mental health counselor.

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Our Psychiatric Specialists take a different approach

You’ll meet with a psychiatric nurse practitioner – one-on-one – who specializes in mental health. Your NP will work in conjunction with your therapist, creating and maintaining a whole-person program of care.

Your care is now comprehensive, as it includes ongoing meetings with both your therapist and your psychiatric practitioner.

If you’re ready for support with a psychiatric provider, just reach out by phone (at 970-498-0709) and talk to one of our patient care managers. They’ll get you set up with a psychiatric provider. We offer in-person psychiatric/medication management services in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Littleton. Additionally, if you live anywhere in Colorado and your insurance approves tele-health for medication management (many do!), we’ll help via tele-psychiatry (where we’ll use a video conference line to offer you care).

When you call, our patient care managers will take the time to talk you through your options. Together you can decide the course of action that’s best for you. We can always get you started right away with an intake appointment for psychiatric care.

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