Part 1: How to Feel Better by Focusing on Appreciation and Positivity

Posted By: on March 22, 2017

When you’re feeling down, you may have trouble getting yourself out of it. People try several things to make them themselves feel better when they’re in a funk. Shopping, eating, sleeping and drinking are all common coping mechanisms for the blues. Unfortunately, they’re usually ineffective: They may make you feel better in the moment, but after a while, you’ll go back to feeling sad. Thankfully, there are simple, healthy ways to help you feel better.

One way is to focus on positivity. Positive thinking can help you get rid of negative thoughts that weigh on you and make you feel bad. To combat negative thoughts and prevent them from spiraling into something huge, you might want to try positive thinking. You will not only help prevent negativity, but regular practice can help you address negative thoughts when they do eventually come up. There are a few exercises that will help you focus on positivity. First, try reframing negative thoughts to turn them into something positive. For example, instead of thinking about how bad your day at work is going to be, you would think about how you are going to successfully tackle the challenges you face.

Focusing on appreciation and gratitude will also help you feel better when you’re blue. While new clothes, food or a nap might make you feel better for a little while, they won’t bring you lasting happiness. However, being grateful for those things can. Instead of just buying a new outfit or good meal when you’re sad, try to be appreciative of the fact that you have the money to buy clothes and food. Some people keep a gratitude journal, writing down a few things each day they are grateful for. Practicing gratitude can help lessen anxiety and depression. It can also strengthen your relationships when you actively show gratitude toward others.

One way to practice both positivity and appreciation is to help someone in need… or help yourself take care of an unmet need. If you’re struggle with being able to hold on to a sense of positivity and appreciation, please consider finding help to reclaim the job by visiting one of the many therapists at Heart-Centered Counseling.

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