Parenting an Anxious Child

Posted By: on June 16, 2016


Trying to manage and raise an anxious child is very difficult and stressful for all parents. Every good parent wants their child to enjoy their life and escape anxiety. However, many parents will fall into a cycle of trying to protect their child but escalating the anxiety at the same time. The key to helping your child manage anxiety is to respect their feelings and fears. Here are some tips on what to do if your child has anxiety.

  1. Don’t avoid activities that make your child anxious.

The first step in learning how to manage anxiety is to be in a situation that is uncomfortable. He or she will slowly learn the coping mechanism that will be very helpful the next time this situation arises. If you keep him or her out because you want to protect them, then they will not learn.

  1. Be positive and encouraging.

This is where parents excel! Parents will naturally encourage their child even in things that are not pleasant. We always reassure them that they will do well on tests or be great on stage. Your confidence will help them build their confidence and overcome anxiety.

  1. Ask open-ended questions.

Another way to break the cycle of anxiety is to avoid leading questions. You want him or her to talk about her feelings openly and not only when questioned.

  1. Avoid reinforcing fears and anxieties.

Even if you are not physically voicing your opinions, your tone or body language might give the impression that his or her anxieties are true. Remember, you want your child to overcome anxiety by boosting their confidence!

  1. Keep the anxiety as short as possible.

You do not want your child to dwell on their anxiety for too long. If you have to take them to the doctor’s office in three hours, you might not want to tell them immediately. By shortening this period, you can help them overcome that anxiety while minimizing it in general.

If you child seems to be anxious about everything, you might want to seek help from a children’s counselor or psychologist. However, there is nothing wrong with being anxious about something. The important thing is to encourage him or her to build confidence and learn how to manage anxiety.

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