Overcoming Your Sense of Separation

Posted By: on June 18, 2018

Simple Tips for Building a Life of Connection and Communication

Loneliness can be surprisingly pervasive in today’s ultra-connected world. In spite of instant messaging, smartphones, and dating apps, many people still face the age-old problem of isolation. And the false expectations for what life “should be like,” fostered by media, social networks, and the stories we tell ourselves, certainly don’t help.

In this article, we would like to offer you a few suggestions that may help you to overcome some of the feelings of separation, loneliness, or isolation that you have been struggling with.

Strategies for Combating Loneliness

One of the best ways of feeling better is to take concrete actions to improve your current situation. Here are a few strategies you may wish to employ:

  • Organize a meeting with someone you care about. This can be as simple as a coffee date. Putting yourself in a situation where you are obligated to break the trend of isolation can be extremely helpful, even if it is only an hour spent with a close friend.
  • If physical meetups seem too difficult, you might try reaching out to someone you care about virtually — for example, with a phone call, a text message, or even a social media message.
  • When all else fails, it may be time to discuss the causes of your loneliness with a counselor. This notion can seem intimidating, especially to someone who has never tried therapy, but you can rest assured that counselors are only there to help.

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