How Much Does Counseling or Therapy Cost?

Posted By: on January 31, 2015
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You would think that a simple question like “how much does therapy cost” would be an easy one to answer.

But, like so many things that involve money, the answer is not as easy as it appears.

The short answer is this: therapy will cost most clients between $0 and $100 for a one-hour session.

Let’s look at a few action steps you can take to find out how much therapy will cost in your specific situation.

1. Check Your Insurance Coverage

The first thing to check is your health insurance. Some plans have terrific coverage, sometimes at no cost to you or with just a small co-pay.

Other plans are less generous. Some have a high co-pay, a deductible that must be met before coverage kicks in, or both.

Either way, it’s easy to find out what your plan will cover. If you’re in the Fort Collins area, give our office a call (970-673-1783). We’ll be glad to check your insurance benefits for you.

If you’re not from the Fort Collins area, try one of your local therapy practices. Most will be glad to look up your benefits for you.

2. Ask if Financial Assistance Is Available

Most therapists will do everything they can to ensure money does not stand in the way of their client getting the help they need.

For example, in a situation where a client has financial need, all the therapists in our office will sometimes reduce their fees using a “sliding scale.” Depending on the client’s need and the therapist involved, the sliding scale can drop the fee to as low as $50.

If you have a financial need, don’t be afraid to speak up. In many situations, there are financial assistance programs that can help.

3. Compare the Cost to Other Medical Treatment

One therapist I know will ask people, “If there was a pill you could take once a week that cost $300 a month, and it gave you the happiness you’re looking for, would you fill the prescription?”

Most people answer yes, emphatically.

My friend then asks, “What if I told you that instead of that pill, spending an hour a week with a therapist has the potential to give you the same result? Would you invest the same $300 a month going to therapy once a week, if the outcome after three months would be the same?”

You can see what she’s getting at. Most of us are willing to invest in our own happiness, and that means therapy is a very worthwhile investment for most people, well worth the cost whether our insurance can help or not.


At the end of the day, I think we’re left with this very important question: What is my happiness worth to me?

The good news is that most therapists—including the ones in our group—will do their best to get you that happiness at a cost you can manage.

Live in the Fort Collins area and want to learn what your insurance plan will cover? Give us a call at 970-673-1783, or visit our practice website for other contact options. We’ll be glad to help, with no obligation or cost to you.

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