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Welcome to Heart-Centered Counseling!

You’ve arrived at a place that can help. We’re are a dedicated group of counseling professionals who are committed to providing you the best possible care. Whether you’re seeking relief from the struggles you’re encountering through individual counseling; or hoping for support to ease the imbalances in your relationship through couples counseling; or wanting help for your kids of any age via child and teen therapy, we’re here to offer support. We know that asking for help is often the most difficult step of your journey to well-being. We’re delighted you’ve made it this far. And we’re here to help you take the next step, so that you can enjoy the relief you deserve.

We’re so glad you’re here.

We’ve put together a team of exceptional therapists to make sure we can help. Each of our clinicians is hand selected for their care, compassion, and remarkable counseling skills. Each therapist has expertise in healing a specific set of issues, and together we’re ready to help with whatever struggle you may be encountering. Guiding you to the life you deserve is both our top priority and our mission.

We’re Ready Whenever You Are

Heart-Centered Counseling provides a friendly and supportive approach to therapy. When you reach out to our front office team, you’ll find a friendly voice on the other line, who’ll listen and understand your unique concerns, and will set you up with just the right therapist. When, a few days later, you arrive at our offices, you’ll enter into a comfortable, relaxed waiting room, and a warm smile will come to greet you soon, as your therapist brings you to her (or his) counseling office where – with compassion and care – you’ll find help.

Whatever you need, our therapists all have one goal … helping you attain and maintain the life you’ve been waiting for.

We’re Here for Psychiatric and Medication Services Here Too

We know that, at times, psychiatric meds play a supportive role in your healing journey. To help with the shortage of psychiatric care in our community, we’ve developed psychiatry & med management services at our offices, offering you caring, client-centered support for a full range of mental health and substance dependence concerns.

Loveland Offices

Our cozy Loveland office is located in the heart of Old Town Loveland, just south of the corner of Lincoln and Eisenhower Boulevard. If you’re driving North on Lincoln Ave, you’ll find us on your right immediately after you cross the railroad tracks. When you come in, you’ll be greeted to Old Town charm in it’s many forms. Have a seat in our inviting waiting area and your therapist will be right with you, to take you to one of our six cozy offices.

We also have a 2nd office in Loveland


Care. Compassion. And Help.

Carl R Nassar, LPC, CIP, CIIPTS, Director, Heart Centered Counseling, Fort Collins, Colorado