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Our Caring Therapists Are Here to Help

I’m Carl (Dr. Carl Nassar), a licensed professional counselor and the president here at Heart-Centered Counseling . I wanted to personally welcome you to our newest office in Littleton, Colorado. If you live nearby, we’re confident one of our wonderful providers will be able to help you  feel at ease in your skin and empowered in your life. Whether you need help through

we’re here to lend a hand.

We Say Yes!

Our group practice has spent the last 5 years expanding access to mental health care in Northern Colorado, and we’re excited to be opening our first Denver area office in Littleton. We’ll help by saying:

  • “Yes, we accept your insurance” (We accept all insurances including Medicaid, Medicare, and private commercial insurances such as Anthem BC/BS, United, Cigna, Aetna, and more)
  • “Yes, we can get you in this week.” (We’ll offer an appointment within seven days of calling, just about every time!)
  • “Yes, we can help with that issue.” (We help with all specialty areas, including depression, anxiety, trauma, substance dependency and abuse, eating disorders, and much, much more.)

We Understand

Whatever brought you to this page, we understand. You may be feeling frustrated, angry, sad, or overwhelmed. Maybe your partner is asking why you seem distracted and unavailable. You might be thinking your lot in life can’t be changed. That you can’t change. Heck, you might have even tried therapy or medications before and felt it didn’t help

Whatever you’ve been through, whatever has brought you here, you’ve come to a safe place that offers caring and skilled support. We believe change is possible. We see it happen every day. Things can be different. Things can be better.

Even Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, couples begin to feel more like roommates than soul mates. The romance fades, and even the friendship gives way to resentment and conflict. If this sounds all too familiar, we’d invite you to come in to our Littleton offices for marriage counseling (or couples counseling) where we can help rekindle the warm and tenderness.

It’s time to reclaim a relationship that’s lost. Let marriage counseling serve as the spark that reignites your connection.

We’re right here, in the heart of Littleton

Our office is in a relaxing setting, with water features and occasional ducks just outside our front doors. When you come inside, you’ll find yourself in a welcoming environment where you’ll feel encouraged to take time to care for yourself, working through life’s challenges and creating the life you deserve.

Specifically, our offices are located right here:


Care. Compassion. And Help.

Carl R Nassar, LPC, CIP, CIIPTS, Director, Heart Centered Counseling, Fort Collins, Colorado