Is Your Marriage Under Strain Due To Covid-19?

Posted By: on May 07, 2020
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No matter whether you’re a lovestruck newlywed, or have been part of a contented marriage for many years, there are myriad things life can throw at us to put those relationships under strain, and a pandemic such as the one we’re all experiencing now, is a prime example. 

With lockdown restrictions in place, couples are being forced to share small spaces for weeks on end, with little chance of reprieve. Add children, grandchildren and even pets to the picture, and the whole situation can become unbearable, leading to interfamily conflicts, and relentless bickering or arguments with partners. Some couples will of course cope better than others during these circumstances, but for many, the strain will take its toll, and they may imagine a divorce as their only option.

However, there may be some steps that as a married person you can take, to ensure that Covid-19 doesn’t ruin your relationship or cause you to contemplate divorce:

Communication is vital

No matter what the circumstances, being able to talk openly with your partner is a key element of a healthy marriage, and barriers to communication have the potential to drive a wedge between you both. You don’t need to keep a count of how many times you asked your partner how they’re feeling, or even ensure that conversations take place under certain conditions, simply keep the lines of communication open and encourage each other to keep talking with as much vulnerability as possible, no matter what.  

During a crisis such as the current pandemic, it’s common for one partner to think one way about what’s happening, and the other to feel the opposite way about it, and this itself can cause conflict and arguments. So, it’s important that no matter how you may be feeling about what’s going in your life, you must express your true feelings — with kindness and gentleness — to your partner. They, in turn, must of course do the same, and both parties should listen carefully to each other. That doesn’t mean to say that you’ll eventually agree, but you should at least reach a point where you can understand each other, and most importantly, try to support each other no matter how you are both feeling.

Understand what space means to each other

Every married couple is different, and while some may have spent a lot of time together prior to the lockdown, for others, this will be the first time that they’ve been in each other’s company so much, and for so long.

Acknowledging truthfully how important having your own space is to you, is a major step towards a happy, healthy marriage. When you’re forced to be together under the same roof, (and in some cases the roof is much smaller than for others) for extended periods of time, it can place immense pressure on couples, and for many, having a little time to themselves in a space away from their partner, can be hugely gratifying, and is not much to ask of someone who loves you.

There are no formulas for a happy and fulfilled marriage that work for everyone, but if your relationship has been placed under strain due to Covid-19, keeping the lines of honest  communication open, can be a way of ensuring that your marriage can survive whatever life may throw at it.

If you feel you need help to open those lines of communication, then you could consider seeking professional guidance from an experienced counselor.

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