Is Social Anxiety Having A Negative Impact On Your Life?

Posted By: on February 27, 2020
person suffering from Social Anxiety

Do you get nervous and agitated before social events such as weddings, parties or post work get-togethers? Do you feel so anxious beforehand that you often contemplate not going, or imagine terrible and embarrassing things happening if you do go?

If social anxiety is affecting your ability to create meaningful relationships, or even just to feel confident and happy, then it might be time to take a hold of the situation and get yourself some professional help before it begins to have a  larger negative impact on your life. Here are a few ways in which professional therapy such as counseling, can help you overcome your social anxiety:

It can help you to recognize and understand your triggers:

It’s an important part of your therapeutic journey is to try and understand why you struggle in certain social settings, or what your triggers are, so that you go on to learn new coping strategies. Some common triggers may include:

Meeting new people either socially or at work

Talking to someone in a position of authority

Dating and/or intimacy

Voicing your opinion

Performing academically, athletically or at work, in front of others

Once you’ve recognized your triggers, with your therapist you can begin creating a set of achievable goals that will help you to change the way you react in certain social settings.

Therapy can help you create a set of achievable goals:

Setting a goal to help you overcome your social anxiety can be measurable, so that you and your therapist can clearly see if you’re making any headway. It may not be enough, for example, to simply say: “I want to not feel anxious when I’m meeting new people”, you may need a specific goal to work towards, and your therapist will help you with these.

Being able to regulate your emotions:

A certain degree of anxiety is expected and even accepted in some social circumstances, and it can be just as important to learn how to regulate your associated emotions so that you are not ashamed to be feeling that way, but instead can manage it to a level where you can still successfully engage with others.

Eliminating your social anxiety may not be feasible, but better dealing with your emotions, is entirely possible with the help of a qualified therapist.

With professional help, you’ll get all the support and encouragement you need:

Some well meaning friends and family might tell you to simply ‘get over it’, or to ignore the problem and it will eventually go away. Neither advice is healthy, but when you meet with your therapist, you can talk openly about your concerns and feelings, and will receive entirely non-judgmental help from someone who wants you to feel better about yourself, and will continue to motivate you to do so.

If social anxiety is having a negative impact upon any aspect of your life and you’re ready to try and change things, then therapy may be the most fruitful path for you to take. Your therapist won’t judge you, will never give up on you and most importantly, will help you to start living a life in which you can feel happier and more confident in any situation.

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