Is My Relationship Worth Fighting For?

Posted By: on February 06, 2020
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If you’re in the dating phase of a relationship, then you may not even be thinking about whether you want to stay with your partner, you may just be having some fun! However, if you’ve been with your partner for a while and are at the stage where you’re wondering if things will work out with them long-term and whether what you have is worth fighting for through thick and thin, or even if you’re in a long-term relationship but are struggling to find happiness, then you might want to think about the following:

When you think about your future happiness, do you think of them being right there with you?

This is perhaps one of the simplest ways to know if what you have is worth fighting for: Try to look at your relationship with your partner from as objective a viewpoint as possible, and if you don’t see them standing there with you as you progress through life, then it might be time to re-evaluate things. That said, if you’re going through a rough patch with your partner but still feel that you have a future together, then you might want to think about scheduling some sessions with a professional counselor, either alone, or together.

Can you successfully make compromises together?

A healthy partnership should involve two people who are able to make compromises without it having a lasting negative effect upon the relationship. How you handle conflict may determine whether your relationship is worth the fight. Once again, if you do find yourself struggling with making compromises and worry that it may be unhealthy for your relationship, then some form of counseling may prove helpful.

Do you feel like you’re the real you when you’re together?

The ability to be our true selves and still be loved for it, is crucial for the success of any healthy relationship. Constantly feeling as if we should put on a show, or behave, dress or look in a certain way simply to please a partner, is not healthy, whichever way you look at it. True love is based upon acceptance, and if your partner can’t accept you for the way you are, then your relationship needs help, and seeing a counselor is a great way to see if you can find a way forward together.

Whether you’re having serious relationship problems with your partner or are simply thinking about the future and wondering if the two of you could, or should share it, it always helps to talk. Professional counselors can help you look at your relationship objectively and will listen to the concerns of both parties impartially, so if you’re unsure whether your relationship is worth fighting for, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

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